Personal Retreats

Sometimes the simplest of signs points to the possibility of stepping deeply into sanctuary.


Artists, writers and spiritual seekers will feel at home here with their own garden entrance and beautiful plant-filled sitting area on our ‘platform,’ a perfect place for meditation, yoga art, or an indoor picnic.


Our quiet and peaceful life at Sanctuary lends itself well to retreats, ours as well as yours. We would love to talk to you about setting up just the right situation for you, any time of year.

“I am grateful for the balance of quiet and connection during my retreat time.  Being at Sanctuary gave me the chance to re-nurture myself and make the journey home again.  Thank you Caitlin and Peter for sharing your home and selves!  ~ Bless and joy, Jensey”


“Being loved and supported and reminded of our intrinsic value while on the journey is what anchors us into what we call “spirituality”.  We are held by these things and we then pass on these things from our ancestors to our children.”     – Charlie Morris


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